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حصن المسلم من أذكار الكتاب والسنة (إنجليزي)
Cover: غلاف
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Code: 10282
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More details:
Box capacity: 420 Copy
Page count: 320
Year edition: 2016
Release year: 2004
Edition number: 3
Weight: 115 Grams
Size: 8 × 12 CM
I.S.B.N : 977-342-217-8
The book includes the invocations said in the different occasions. For instances, it includes the invocations after waking up, before sleep, before eating, after eating, before travel, after returning from travel…etc. I only stated the texts of the Adh-Dhikr (Remembrances of Allah). Likewise, I only mentioned one or two sources of the original book. Thus, whoever wishes to know further details about the narrator or narration should refer to the original text.
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