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ماذا خسر العالم بترك الشريعة الإسلامية؟ (إنجليزي)
Written by: محمد امحزون
Translated by: هالة مجدي
Cover: غلاف
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Code: 11648
Views count: 1932
More details:
Box capacity: 237 Copy
Page count: 208
Year edition: 2015
Release year: 2015
Edition number: 1
Weight: 190 Grams
Size: 12 × 20 CM
I.S.B.N : 978-977-717-205-9
The Shariah is the true assurance to preserve human rights, freedom and values and to prevent all forms of violation against their wealth, honor and life. It guarantees the foundation of shura fair and merciful system that leads to progress, power, produc
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