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الإسلام بين جهل أبنائه وعجز علمائه (إنجليزي) (شمواه)
Cover: غلاف
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Box capacity: 430 Copy
Page count: 120
Year edition: 2017
Release year: 2017
Edition number: 1
Weight: 105 Grams
Size: 12 × 20 CM
I.S.B.N : 978-977-717-329-2
It grieves a Muslim to see his fellow Muslims growing weaker in powers and knowledge, while unaware that the defect of their bad decline lies in their neglect of Sharia despite its manifest perfection and highness. Muslim scholars failed to promote the knowledge and merits of Sharia, so neglect followed. Were a Muslim to know the truth of Sharia, s/he would never postpone it. The best service a Muslim can extend to other fellow Muslims is to educate them in the laws of Sharia. This book presents the necessary meanings and issues of due relevance to Sharia that educated Muslims need. The author cites western claims against the Sharia and answers them clearly, correcting all misconceptions widely held by graduates of civil education with focus on Sharia perfection, inability of Muslim scholars and unawareness of Muslims.