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مع المصطفى (إنجليزي)
Cover: غلاف
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Code: 11793
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Box capacity: 146 Copy
Page count: 200
Year edition: 2017
Release year: 2017
Edition number: 1
Weight: 315 Grams
Size: 17 × 24 CM
I.S.B.N : 978-977-717-313-1
Here are some moments of contemplation over some of the bright episodes of the life of Prophet Muhammad. Thus, it is hoped, will lead to a more thorough appreciation of the guidance power of each of the situations portrayed in the work. For rulers, this biography is a reference of justice, equity, and humility. For scholars, it is a road map on how to deliver knowledge most efficiently. For preachers, it shows the methodology of how to appeal to the others. Similarly, husbands can use it as a basis for the ideal treatment of their wives. Thus, everyone finds guidance in the biography of the Prophet whom God has designed to be the best exemplar of good behavior.