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المختصر المفيد من سيرة خير الأنام (إنجليزي) (شمواه)
Cover: م.سلوفان
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Box capacity: 149 Copy
Page count: 208
Year edition: 2017
Release year: 2017
Edition number: 1
Weight: 450 Grams
Size: 17 × 24 CM
I.S.B.N : 978-977-717-311-7
is a shortened biography of the prophet SAW, prepared for the students of lslamic studies and as part of a curriculum for beginners. there are seven sections: 1- The Biography of the prophet, from birth until prophethood. 2- From prophethood until his migration: the prophetic Message in Makkah(Al -AhdulMakki). 3- from His Migration until His Death: The prophetic Message in Madinah. 4- Mentioning the Attributes of the prophet SAW. 5- Mentioning the prophetic Household. 6- Mentioning the 10 who were Given Glad Tidings of paradise. 7- 200 Questions and their Answers on the Biography of the prophet, taken from this book. thus, l hope this book will be the best resource for beginners and students of lslamic studies.